From: Ventral is Golden


“The tv screen was more like a page of manuscript than a page of print, as linearity, uniformity and assumptions of grammar were transcendental in the conveyance of information, to be replaced by electronic gestalts, meant to be looked at and not read.” -Terrance McKenna As technology is not only a ‘tool’ of integration, that enables its users to merge with their surroundings, it is also a way of allowing the existence of the ‘autonomous individual’ within constantly shifting computer-aided social paradigms. The ability of overview and mass-customisation that technology affords over a personal domain, such as blogs being a digital extension of the ideal ego, and avatars embodying the most extreme of physical representations, becomes something that is wholly translatable into the context of personal living space. As the interface replaces the wall and all of it’s adornments, the functionality of the room is defined by an aesthetically regulated mode of existence, simulated with ease and determined by the occupant.

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