From: Nick Chadde & Dominik Mederer – Nick Chadde – Dominik Mederer

The responsible exposure

An approach to how and what influences to chose

Every project is conceived out of context, history and personal interpretation of the dynamic relation between those factors. What to emphasis and what to neglect, what serves significance and what manifests meaning is a selection based on the collectively gathered and exchanged or individually stated treatment of experiences and memories. We shape our imagination and vision fueled by impressions and the outcome of reflecting about it. While in the process of meta‐thinking, making decisions with reason for a certain way to develop space and construction, what influences the designing mind might appear to be a conscious choice. The power and curse of what we are actually exposing ourselves to remains connected to the way we think and envision. Once one raised awareness to this precondition of human perception, the conclusion for ways to maintain architectural sense‐making appears rather obvious:


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