From: Nick Chadde and Wenzel Steinig


An introduction to the new sensitivity

Thoughts in times selfestrangement/ An essay by Nick Chadde and Wenzel Steinig

Analogue Architecture

When we listen to vinyl, we prepare ourselves. We get ready for not being multi-tasking. We set the mood to embrace something that we lost in our every day routine. Softly letting the vinyl glide out of the sleeve, carefully putting it on the turntable and releasing the needle on the medium – once a natural preparation of the act of listening to music – has become a time capsule of proper appreciation, a sheer luxury. The pervert conditions of modern day life have created a spiral of an unnatural pace. While constantly optimizing processes, we forgot to respect the time things need, and, drowning in self-pressured efficiency, we have become sensual amputees to our own nature.


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