From: Metaxia Markaki

-In 2004, the Chinese Jia Zhanke, shoots his film “The World”. The background is a thematic park in Beijing. The Beijing World Park, as it is called, concentrates and recreates world’s architectural landmarks: one Parthenon, one Eiffel Tour, one London Bridge, in order Chinese tourists to visit and take pictures of them. In this thematic park, the architectural objects, keeping but their forms operate only as visual symbols for touristic attraction and are treated as pieces for visual consumption. Beijing World Park is an extreme example that indicates the visual operation of an architectural object. -Already since 1972, Robert Venturi and Scott Brown have talked for the visual function of architecture in their book “Learning from Las Vegas”. Las Vegas is described as a city of entertainment and consumption, where the buildings themselves operate as publicity signs, as mere images that serve the needs of promotion, recognition and mondialized tourism, announcing the power of the architect-brander.

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