From: Maxim Nasab

Extinction of the Architect

Everyday, Architects consistently try to push the boundaries of design and technology to solve the major problems with society. As architects, we not only feel the need to but we truly believe that we have the ability to make small and large differences in the world that surrounds us. While architects also believe that architecture itself can and will save the world. Unfortunately the world is not the only one needing saving at the moment. Architects are in danger of losing their own profession of architecture. With new innovative technologies, the architect will no longer be needed in the very near future. They will become as useful as a horseshoe maker. Of course even in our modern times the original and unique horseshoe is still desired and therefore requires a very skilled craftsman, the nostalgia of the object is what truly is desired. Hence, the same fate is to be expected from the architect and his/her architecture.

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