From: Martin Conrads


“Exelent Location in Berlin-­?Mitte; Property near the Forein Office”. Real-­?estate Prose as a Locational Disadvantage.
Martin Conrads
Later, as he sat on his balcony eating the wild boar, Dr. Maitland reflected on the unusual events that had taken place within this huge area during the previous three months.
The wasteland lay under the morning sun. Dr. Maitland stood at the balustrade surveying the plants and wildlife. From the building’s top stories, one could faintly hear the sounds of trailing librettos (Bizet! “Carmen”!) emanating from the scorched auto wrecks: “… downtown wastelands must never be developed again. Municipal real estate must take into account the needs of its residents…” These were strange voices, like a foreign language, especially because their concerns were outdated and no longer relevant to the present day.
Between Luisenstadt, Spittelmarkt and the Köpnicker Quarter, nature had re-­?conquered just about everything. What remained were ruins, old ones and new ones, and the librettos. “Urban development requires time,” he thought and chuckled. Dr. Maitland recalled a brochure that he had once received in the office mail: “…when you consider the strip of land cleared for the Wall, and realize that 20 years after its collapse only a few properties have been resolved in the sense of a permanent urban and architectural solution…”
Ok… and then what?


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