From: Ida Tam

Darwin’s Trace

bioconstructivism & digital stimulation in the future of architecture

In recent engagement between architecture and sciences, theories of bioconstructivism helped to develop new organizational, formal, structural responses to design. Bioconstructivism is the new Darwinism: through imitation of forming principles of nature, architecture is going through natural selection- the fittest form survives. As opposed to biomimicry, the direct imitation of form, bioconstructivism is an abstraction of nature and context, a new type of vernacular that is typological rather than local. Paradoxically, while digital technologies for data collection and scenario stimulation increasingly offer design opportunities, many of the contributions to architectural discourse are limited to organizational systems that achieve non-functional visual complexity. Crisis arising from economy, natural and manmade disasters have urgently called for more inventive, performative and economic alternatives, in which digital simulation technologies and bioconstructivism can play a larger role in the future of architecture.


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