From: Carlos Romo Melgar


I am writing as part of the newcomer architects who, like me, are in a situation created by our older colleagues; a situation that, if it had not crumbled, we would probably be part of. Rather than apportioning blame, the aim/point is to make a prognosis of what we can do or change.

The multidisciplinary paradigm has revealed the uselessness of a whole architecture education system. It is clear that we have more informal skills and less than University assumes we know as shown in their programs. Therefore, it is likely that many unlicensed architects exist, and many architecture graduates that are not precisely architects. College does not make a difference any longer and it is also not able to expertise its members to perform unique functions. The university is demonstrating its inability to assume innovations pedagogically and curricular-ly speaking. Actions on this direction result in anecdotal inputs rather than a compendium of skills and, in many cases, outdated and useless.


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