From: Anthoula Tzakou

When designing today’s spaces of the instant, the con-textual and the erroneous arises a sequence of segments compiling traces of the future spaces’ ruins. Whether the redefined domain is a text [fig.01], an image [fig.02] or a landscape [fig.03] the visual input stimulating the architect is familiarized through the process of analyzing it into sets of data, while it is being “scanned” line by line [fig.04], pixel by pixel [fig.05], area by area [fig.06]. The output of design is often encoded in the temporary form of a 3D model, structured by subsets of vertices forming the model’s sets of meshes or surfaces. This reading of a model as a virtual space of multiple scales links conceptually the structure of the 3D model’s file format to the simulation of an open urban environment at a digital domain with the distinct characteristic of zooming in and out.


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